Shih-Chieh Liao
副組長 / 工研院材化所儲能材料及技術研究組
Deputy Division Director / Industrial Technology Research Institute



在本次會談中,我將介紹NMC/LMFP複合電池技術,該技術可提供高能量密度、安全性、低成本和長壽命的最佳解決方案。此外,我們還開發了快速充電 TNO 陽極材料,使電池在 6 分鐘內充電至 90% 的容量,使用壽命為 6000 次。TNO 電池特別適用於儲能和怠速啟動和停止系統的應用。

With increasing demand of high energy density batteries for electric vehicles (EVs), Ni-rich NMC batteries become the trend. However, safety and cost of Ni-rich NMC cells have been a great concern in the Li-ion battery & EV industry. On the other hand, Lithium manganese iron phosphate (LMFP) with olivine structure has attracted much attention due to its high voltage (~4V), long cycle life, low costs and high safety.


In this talk, I will present you the NMC/LMFP composite cell tech that provides an optimal solution of high energy density, safety, low costs and long life. In addition, we have also developed the quick-charging TNO anode materials that enable a cell to be charged to 90% capacity in 6 minutes with life > 6000 cycles. The TNO cells are especially suitable for applications of the energy storage and idling start and stop systems



廖博士1996年畢業於美國羅格斯大學(Rutgers U.-New Brunswick)材料工程博士。博士研究獲Hoechst Celanese獎。1996至1999年期間在羅格斯奈米材料中心擔任博士後研究員。1999年八月返台加入工研院材料所,2000年獲美國Metal Powder Industries Federation最佳論文獎,已發表四十餘篇SCI論文,22項發明專利,並獲得多項工研院及經濟部創新研究獎。已成功技術移轉多項奈米粉體及鋰電池材料技術給國內廠商並順利量產。

Dr. Liao received his PhD degree in Materials Science & Engineering from Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ, USA) in 1996. He has published over forty SCI papers and been granted 22 patents. In 2000, he received the Outstanding Technical Paper Award from the Metal Powder Industries Federation of USA.


He has also won a few ITRI and MOEA (Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan) awards of outstanding researches and successfully transferred the developed technologies of battery materials such as LCO, NCM, LFP, LFMP, Si/C, and LTO to domestic industries.

電動車Electric Vehicle
Recent Development of Power Li-ion Battery Tech