Wei-Cheng Hsiao
副總經理 / IISI資拓宏宇國際股份有限公司


This briefing first introduces the development process of smart transportation in Taiwan. Secondly, it explains that there are certain types and representative cases of shared transportation services. Then, it explains the representative cases of shared information platforms and shared ticketing platforms, and finally puts forward and suggestions.



蕭博士在國立台灣大學獲得博士學位。 目前他是ITS協會的理事。此外,他正在進行全國性的公共交通資訊服務平台項目,旨在整合雲端技術並為台灣建立更智慧的交通資訊服務模式。

Dr. Hsiao is the vice president of IISI Co. IISI is a leading system integration company specialized in smart city area. For the past 20 years, He has been engaged with many large-scale smart city projects in Taiwan, such as smart city, intelligent transportation systems, disaster mitigation and mobile application. By using advanced information and communication technologies, these systems significantly improve the safety and convenience of citizen’s living environment.


Dr. Hsiao obtained his PhD degree from National Taiwan University. Currently, he is the director of ITS-Taiwan association. Besides, he is conducting a nationwide public transit and traffic information service platform project. Aims to incorporate cloud computing technology and establish a smarter public transport service model for Taiwan.

共享車輛與服務Shared vehicle and Services
Shared Mobility Service