Tsung-Ming Hsu
專員 / 車輛研究測試中心 研發處 
Technology coordinator / 
Automotive Research Testing Center 




1. 國際自駕車發展趨勢

2. 台灣自駕車決策技術科研發展

3. 台灣專利自駕車布局方向。

Decision making with high accuracy rate is an indispensable technology for self-driving cars to safely and correctly drive on road complex environments. The decision making is based on fusion of radar, LiDAR, and camera sensors to plan suitable path and velocity. Rule-based methodology is common applied for the decision-making system. However, with continuous breakthroughs in AI-based method, automated industry is faced with challenges in technology transformation.


The topics of this speech are as follows:

1. Development trend of international autonomous vehicles

2. Research and development of decision-making technology for autonomous vehicles in Taiwan

3. Trends of Taiwan patent application in autonomous vehicle.

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  • 專長

  1. 決策系統

  2. 軌跡規劃

  3. 統計


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  • Tsung-Ming Hsu received his PHD degree in statistics in 2016 from National Central University, Taiwan. Since 2017, he has been with the Electronic Control Technology Group of R&D division, Automotive Research Testing Center, where he is now a technology coordinator. His research interest is in developing statistical and AI methodologies that are useful in decision-making system, motion planning system, and intention-aware prediction for autonomous vehicles.

智駕車Autonomous vehicle
Development of Decision-Making System for Autonomous Vehicles