Peter Hsieh
創新暨投資副總裁 /
Vice President of Innovation and Investment / Arm

謝博士目前擔任Arm 全球創新與投資副總裁,負責與台灣和全球生態圈合作夥伴、大學和政府 密切合作各式產業應用,包括汽車、醫療保健、綠色能源、物聯網和伺服器市場。


謝博士於2014 年加入Arm,負責Arm 台灣業務運營和管理,並於2014 年在台灣新竹成立了 Arm 第一個亞洲設計中心。在加入Arm 之前,他擔任飛思卡爾半導體中國設計中心的研發總 裁,領導團隊管理超過80%的工業和汽車MCU 和應用處理器的設計與開發。


謝博士是多家成功的矽谷新創企業創始人和創始團隊成員,其中包括全球第一家Fabless IC 設 計公司。1990 年,他在矽谷獲得「年度企業家」獎。此外,他身為RISC 架構發明者、美國國 家科學技術獎章和圖靈獎獲得者約翰·考克博士的團隊一員,在IBM 沃森研究中心建造了世界上 第一個單晶片CMOS RISC 微處理器。謝博士在IC 設計、軟體發展和半導體製造領域擁有超過 30 年的專業經驗。


謝博士擁有加州大學伯克萊分校的電氣工程理學學士學位(BSEE),之後獲得麻省理工學院的碩 士(MSEE)和博士學位,並於1979 年榮獲麻省理工學院EECS 系最佳報告學獎。他在研讀博士期 間亦在哈佛商學院學習MBA 課程。此外,他於1984 年至1987 年擔任媒體實驗室顧問委員會 主任。

Dr. Hsieh serves as VP of Innovation and Investment at Arm. In this capacity, he works closely with Taiwan and Global ecosystem partners, universities and government for various vertical applications including automotive, healthcare, green energy, IoT and server markets.


Dr. Hsieh joined Arm as General Manager of Arm Taiwan in 2014, responsible for Taiwan business operations and management, and also established Arm’s first Asia Design Center in Hsinchu, Taiwan in 2014. Prior to joining Arm, he was R & D President for Freescale Semiconductor China Design Centers, leading the team to manage over 80% of on Industrial and Automotive MCU and application processors design and development.


Dr. Hsieh was a founder and founding team member of several successful Silicon Valley startups including the world’s first Fabless IC design company. He received “The Entrepreneur of the Year” Award in 1990 in Silicon Valley. He also built the world’s first single chip CMOS RISC microprocessor under Dr. John Cocke, inventor of RISC architecture and recipient of US National Medal of Science & Technology and Turing Award, at IBM Watson Research Center. Dr. Hsieh has over 30 years of professional experience in IC design, software development and semiconductor manufacturing.


Dr. Hsieh received BSEE (Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering) degree from the University of California, Berkeley and then obtained MSEE and Ph.D. degrees from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with the “Best Thesis” Award from MIT EECS Department in 1979. He also studied MBA curriculum at Harvard Business School during his Ph.D.. Moreover, he served as Media Lab’s Advisory Board Director from 1984 to 1987.

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